On our trips to various meetings today we managed to pop by the new Norfolk Street Bakery. The lovely Adilia, originally from Portugal, moved to Cambridge in July and opened the newly refurbished bakery only three months ago.

The inside is so beautifully done – with white walls, natural woods and the original fireplaces. And of course all the delectable baking on show makes it look even better.

We tried a lamb and harissa sausage roll, a three cheese bread and of course, a custard tart. All three were delicious. The lamb with subtle spice was a sweeter, more refined take on the humble sausage roll, the bread oozing with cheesy goodness and the pastry on the tarts was crisp but melt in the mouth all at the same time. We’ll be back soon.

And of course we chatted Eat Cambridge. Watch this space in the coming week for more on how Adilia and her Norfolk Street Bakery will be involved.


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