Today Mill Road is celebrated for its food diversity and Winter Fair.  Often tagged as being the Islington of Cambridge it is easy to overlook the strong and independent heritage of the road.

Mill Road has been serving the needs of its local community for over 150 years.

At one time the Co-op had four branches along Mill Road.  There were also small branches of Liptons, International Stores and several dairies.

Queue for Potatoes


Butchers supplied meat and many prepared foods.

After the war Mill Road began to see the opening of shops by ethnic groups who had moved to the area.  Northrops Butchers in Devonshire Road

was orginally Fabish’s, run by a Polish family.

Rawlisons 195 Mill Rd

Mill Road has lots of food and drink stories to tell.  As part of Eat Cambridge we are delighted to offer you a chance to take the Eat Mill Road tour, when local historian Allan Brigham will take you

back in time and give a short history of the road, as well as giving you the chance to meet today’s shopkeepers and hear their stories.





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