Read, Eat, Shop – the independent way

Following the hugely successful launch of the third edition of the book, Anne Beamish, Editor of the city’s indie guide Independent Cambridge, tells us about shopping, reading, and, most importantly, EATING the independent way in Cambridge…

As you will be all too aware, Cambridge scores very highly for its visitor attractions. All incredibly lovely, but for those of us who work and live in or just outside of the city, knowing more about the ‘real Cambridge’ – where the best pubs, restaurants and coffee shops are; where you can buy great fashion or art; when all the cool street events take place and who you can call if you need a local tradesperson, is what really matters.

Additionally (and more importantly), by choosing to shop at independent stores, drink coffee in independent cafes and eat in independent restaurants, you are supporting local traders, artists, makers and producers and making sure these businesses and individuals can continue to flourish and carry on their huge contribution to the city’s cultural and commercial success. A few of the independents benefit from the tourist footfall but most of them prefer building relationships with their customers, finding out what they want and looking for repeat visits to sustain and grow their business. Imagine what our city would be like without them!

Here at Independent Cambridge, we want to do everything we can to showcase the incredible diversity offered by local independents, so our book is not part of any series of generic city guides, written remotely from a publisher’s office, it’s produced by long-term residents of the city with a true passion for all things indie. Every one of the featured independents in the book has been visited, spoken to, written about and photographed by us, to bring you a true picture of the amazing local indie scene. From the historic city centre to the surrounding villages, from street food to contemporary art – discover the outstanding knowledge, skills, expertise and creativity that you will only find from doing things independently.

Check out Independent Cambridge’s very special Eat Cambridge offer – order via, enter the code EAT16 and get the latest 3rd edition of the book for only £5.99 inc P&P (normal price £7.99)!

Independent Cambridge 3 book cover

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