A month ago Eat Cambridge announced that our Festival Charity is Food Cycle Cambridge.  Some of us have worked with this fantastic charity in the past and know what a great job they do and how much local people value them.

A few people have asked us to tell them more about the charity and how they can get involved.  As the volunteers at FoodCycle know all the answers we asked them to respond to your questions.

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This is what they have to say:

FoodCycle Cambridge takes surplus food from local supermarkets and turns it into a nutritious three course meal for people suffering from food poverty. Each week our brilliant volunteers put their chopping, cooking and chatting skills to the test at the centre at St Paul’s, Hills Road

Here’s why we love Cambridge FoodCycle

  • Keeping good food out of landfill – by using surplus food which would otherwise go to waste we are helping to reduce food waste and our impact on the environment.
  • Happy volunteers – from students to job seekers to people new to the city, FoodCycle provides brilliant volunteer opportunities for learning new skills and meeting new people.
  • More than just a meal – nationally FoodCycle have served over 14,000 hot nutritious meals to people who really benefit from them. But we don’t just give out food; our community meal provides good company, conversation and comfort to our guests.

How to get involved:

There are two main ways that you can volunteer with us:

First Half Cooking: Saturday 9:30-12:30

To make our 3 course meals, we need volunteers willing to chop, stir, blend, and chop (a LOT of vegetables). No great knowledge of cooking, or vast repertoire of recipes is required, just a genuine interest in learning new skills and lending a hand. You can also stay for the meal of course, but your responsibilities in the kitchen will end once everything is cooked.









Second Half Greeting and Clearing Up: Saturday 12:00 -14:30

Just as, if not more important than our chefs, are the second half volunteers. You will be arriving just before the guests to set up the dining hall, then greet our guests at the door with a tea or a coffee. At 12:30 when we start our meal, you will be serving the food, and eating the meal with guests, making sure you keep an eye on who wants seconds on your table, and when the next course will be served. We aim to clear up the hall and the kitchen by 14:30, and then you are free to go


Volunteers can sign up to as many volunteer spaces as they like, and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to come all that often. To register you have to sign up and put your name down on the Cambridge FoodCycle rota. To do this you will need to watch a short video on basic food hygiene and answer a few questions. This is very quick and easy to do- you can sign up at www.foodcycle.org.uk and click on volunteer.

We cook and serve our meals at the Centre @ St. Paul’s on Hills Road.




FoodCycle combines volunteers, reclaimed food and a free kitchen space to create nutritious meals for people in need in the community.

Check out Cambridge FoodCycle’s Facebook page!

We are also on Twitter: @FoodCycleCamb



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