GoGo Gogi Gui Korean Canteen at Eat Cambridge

May 16, 2015


With just two months to go until they celebrate their first birthday, GoGo Gogi Gui lift the cooking pot lid on their exciting pop-up Korean canteen on Saturday 23 May at Cambridge Corn Exchange as part of the Eat Cambridge Main Event. Appetites whet by the smorgasbord of food stalls in the main hall, Cambridge foodies will be delighted to hear that the local Korean street food trader will be serving up a menu of Korean BBQ in the St John’s Bar, in a canteen style set up!

GGG says: ‘One of the few limitations of trading from a gazebo during these glorious summer months is changing up our menu to satisfy curious customers’ constantly evolving palates. Just short of a year ago, we had noses turned up in revulsion when explaining the tangy delights of the Korean staple kimchi. People, for whatever reason, just weren’t seduced by the sound of fermented Chinese leaf cabbage, which traditionally sits cooking in its own juices in large earthenware pots for months, before being bagged up and imported in its tonnes to the UK. Such has been the success of Korean food in the UK over the last year however, that people now often demand portions of kimchi, and only kimchi, washed down with Korea’s national drink soju, a 19% sweet potato and barley distilled spirit that goes well with more or less anything, not least beer (one of our favourite and simplest to make cocktails!)

With a full kitchen at our disposal, we’re therefore extremely excited to finally have the capability to extend our menu for the day, and at last offer as much to the vegetarian crowd as we have hitherto to the meat one! We’ll be debuting our delectable fried dumplings (pork + cabbage or vegetarian), a staple across the far east that gets the Korean marinade treatment; our new fiery chicken burger (the dakgalbi) combines traditional Korean BBQ flavours (spicy-sour-sweet) with traditional burger staples, as well as a newly improved Korean take on coleslaw (we call it koleslaw). And we’re finally also able to serve up kimchi jeon or Korean pancakes, a crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside savoury delight, with a choice of two dipping sauces. It’s one of our favourite Korean dishes!


GoGo Gogi Gui Korean Canteen Menu p1

With cold sides available on the day too (sweet potato noodle salad (also vegetarian!), seaweed salad (you read that correctly), our staple burgers, the Gogi (beef) and the Gui (pork) will devastatingly be absent for the first time.

But hold off the tears, as we have a great deal of exciting summer events planned over the next couple of weeks.

Follow us on Twitter (@gogogoigui) and Facebook (facebook.com/gogigui), to get the latest news, sneak previews at menus, and all our up to date trade dates.

We hope to see you soon!’

Find GoGo Gogi Gui’s Pop-up Canteen at Eat Cambridge on Saturday 23 May at the Corn Exchange, serving 11-3.30.


The GoGo Gogi Gui Diary

SAT 16 MAY // 18:00 – 21:00
Pop Up at Cambridge Wine Merchants , Cherry Hinton Road, with wine tastings!

SAT 23 MAY // 11:00 – 15:30 Eat Cambridge, Corn Exchange

WED 17 JUNE // 11.00 – 21.00
Pop Up at the fantastic Rhode Island. The long awaited return of Kimchi Fries and Vege Burgers AND more!

SAT 20 JUNE // 11.00 – 23.00
We are delighted to announce that we’ll be trading ALL DAY at the Sidney Sussex Arts Festival. While we can’t guarantee it, we’re almost certain that Stephen Fry will be munching on a Gogi Gui while performing his stand up routine…

*Written by Raphael von Blumenthal, GoGo Gogi Gui founder, for Eat Cambridge.

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