Introducing the first ever Official Eat Cambridge Festival Beer!!

May 12, 2018

For the first time ever, this year’s festival will be marked by a limited edition Festival Beer! This time next week, thanks to a fantastic collaboration between Pint Shop and local craft brewery BrewBoard, we’ll be sampling the first ever craft beer created and produced especially for the Eat Cambridge festival. Roll on next weekend!


The two local beer specialists have teamed up to create a delightful light golden dry-hopped Oatmeal Pale Ale: Hüellonbach. By way of a sneak preview (‘though we are desperate for a taste of the real thing), BrewBoard’s tasting notes reveal that Hüell Melon’s strawberry and ripe honeydew melon characteristics are accompanied wonderfully with the spicy and distinct orange punch of Amarillo. Throw in the rich biscuity flavours of Amber and Pale Ale and it then just takes the creaminess and velvety texture of the Flaked Oats to reveal that Hüellonbach definitely isn’t as hard as he thinks he is.

We are *definitely* washing down our feast of local food with a can of this at Eat Cambridge next Saturday!!

Intrigued? Take a peek at the full tasting notes below and get your hands on Hüellonbach at Pint Shop from Saturday 19 May and throughout the festival. We’ll also be sampling and sipping the brand new brew at the Main Event on 19 May at the BrewBoard stall, AND if you’re lucky enough to visit BrewBoard’s achingly hip little brewery in the village of Harston, you’ll be able to get stuck into this lovely drop of pale ale at the taproom’s events.


Beer tasting notes

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